CRM - Customer Relation Management.

Learn how Grab Swiftsys an entirely new approach & touch to business software by offering choices and unprecedented flexibility through any customized development you want.

Connect everyone from field drivers to support, customers to support and live tracking Google Map Suits. Never forget this makes Job easy & you will always Know how your business is doing.

  1. • Look at your business from a fresh perspective.
  2. • Entirely Stimulate productivity and streamline your business Operations.
  3. • For Faster response to customer initiatives and market changes.
  4. • Achieve operational excellence from raw materials to final product and shipping.
  5. • Improve decision making by removing information barriers and improving access to data.
  6. • Lift the lid on innovation and facilitate new ways of working.
  7. • Monitor and manage your cost position to ensure profitability.
  8. • Easily connect more of the business and to gain business visibility throughout.

We have Developed CRM Solutions for :

Warehouses, Builders & Construction Company, Service Industry, Order Taking, Freight Companies, Importers, Food Industry, Sales & Marketing. Attract, Retain and Delight More Customers. Grow Your Business Now With New CRM Solution Developed by Grab Swiftsys.

  1. • Automate. Be Productive.
  2. • Track your Sales Activities.
  3. • Connect with your Customers.

CRM-What Is Customer Relationship Management

  1. • Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on your enterprise's number one priority creating a satisfactory customer experience that will delight your current clients and help you acquire new ones more quickly.
  2. • Grab Swiftsys can develop new Future to your customer service needs.
  3. • We can develop all Professional features.
  4. • Service Console Cloud Based, Service contracts and entitlements, Knowledge base Creation, Web chat Integration, Sales force activity & sales storage, Customer service Operations & Activity, Accounting Integration.
  5. • Why pay for monthly subscription to all CRM companies & compromise your database. We suggest get your own CRM solution developed & can be enhanced time to time. This will give you great data security & control over the operations with legibility of operations not the limitations.
  6. • Grab Swiftsys team has the capabilities to develop CRM with Innovation & exclusive architecture with state of the art Designs. Call us now & discuss it cost nothing.
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Always assign the right available person to the right orders
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